We provide help for:

-individuals seeking therapy

-professionals in the field seeking training, advice, or supervision

-consulting services for treatment facilities

-therapy sessions for individuals, couples’, and families addressing multiple issues.

ASSESSMENT AND DIAGNOSIS – For employers, families, and individuals who are seeking an independent assessment that will include a preliminary diagnosis and continuing care recommendations. Providing a thorough, fair, and unbiased assessment with recommendations for next best steps often helps an individual feel less judgement and can provide the safe environment to allow one to share with openness and honesty.

PSYCHOTHERAPY – Experience with many suffering individuals over the years has shown us that presenting issues such as addictions, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, PTSD, sleep problems and more are all symptoms of a deeper core issue: unresolved childhood or adult trauma. By treating the core issues of trauma that include traumatic grief, shame, abuse, and attachment failure to name a few, the root of the presenting problem is attended to and the result is the individual no longer needing to medicate emotions with unhealthy behaviors.

GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY – Group sessions are extremely valuable as participants receive the opportunity to receive guided feedback from others in addition to the therapist. I have marveled for years at the remarkable suggestions and help group participants have provided one another. The group format also allows participants to begin to see their esteem grow and gain insight into how their thoughts, feelings, and suggestions can help others. Group Therapy helps enhance our sense of value in a community and provides all validation that we are not alone, worthless, or incapable of being a significant person in the lives of others. Group Therapy is also cost effective as the cost of each session is divided amongst the group members in advance.

INDIVIDUAL AND COUPLES’ CONCIERGE THERAPY INTENSIVES – We provide customized intensive experiences ranging from one day to ten days in the comfort of your home or hotel. Nancy has facilitated these private therapy experiences at both Miraval Resort and Spa and Canyon Ranch in Tucson. Nancy will also come to your city. Nancy has facilitated these in New York City, Nashville, San Francisco, Phoenix, Great Britain, and Italy.


EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): A psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. It is one of the most widely researched and validated methods used today in the treatment of trauma. It is an integrative approach, based on the premise that a disturbing experience becomes locked in the brain and stored with the same perceptions that existed at the time of the event. Its greatest strength lies in its ability to access a natural physiological process so that the individual can tap into his or her own inherent healing ability. EMDR is also effective with anxiety, addictions, stress, depression, and more.

NEUROPSYCHOTHERAPY – This emerging field connects the foundations of psychotherapy with neuroscientific research results. The goal of Neuropsychotherapy is to assist clients in building new neural pathways in the brain to form new healthy behaviors and functions with long-lasting outcomes. Training for Counselors in this exciting field is offered in individual or group settings.

PRESENTATIONS – We provide lectures and educational experiences on Trauma, The Neurobiology of Addiction, Traumatic Grief, Shame, and PTSD, and How To Identify PTSD in The Work Place, Working With Trauma Skills Training, and Understanding Your Child. We provide education for professionals, educational institutions, treatment facilities, and the general public.

COUNSELING STUDENTS SKILLS TRAINING – Getting a Master’s Degree or PhD in counseling, psychology or related fields is exciting and helps prepare students for licensure and the privilege to practice psychotherapy across the United States. The curriculum however cannot provide in-depth the rich hands on skills training that enhances ability for clinical excellence and allows a new counselor to go out into the field with a variety of tools to facilitate psychotherapy. Six week skills training are provided in group format and include an experience of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

CLINICAL SUPERVISION – For associate level therapists requiring supervision for licensure.

RESIDENTIAL/ BEHAVIORAL HEALTH/MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY CONSULTANT –  Those you serve deserve great treatment and your staff deserve to work for a top facility. Often an unbiased critical eye can help quickly alleviate overwhelm for leaders with help geared towards quick solutions. Program development, compliance review, policy and procedure writing, quality assurance, new science driven proven outcomes testing and more will improve your results with quality programming, increased census and protect you and those you serve by assuring what clinical services you advertise are facilitated with integrity and excellence.