WELCOME! This site and its contents are dedicated to those who suffer from behavioral health and/or mental health issues. May some of the contents make even a slight bit of positive impact on your path to finding the health, peace, joy, and life you so deserve.

We all possess an innate ability for resilience – the capacity to recover from difficulties. Suffering is part of the human condition. None of us escape it. There is no zip code that provides immunity from life’s challenges.

Having experienced suffering in many forms, and having learned many of the painful lessons our suffering can teach us, my passion lies in helping those who suffer. My hope is that at least in some small way, I can give to others some relief from the emotional pain, hurt, fear, and shame that we feel when the world seems to be pelleting us with pain. By doing so, this also helps me to make better sense out of my own suffering and honor my commitment to stay in compassion, empathy, and kindness with others to the best of my ability. I am far from perfect with this. Kindness heals. Compassion and empathy heal. Connection with another who understands us and can listen to us without judgement heals.

Addictions, phobias, depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, continuing PTSD, relationship challenges, and more in my philosophy all stem from unresolved traumatic experiences; even when we are not aware of having had such experience. Over the last decade as a result of my own experience with addiction, trauma, grief and loss, my work with hundreds of clients, and learning about the most current neuroscientific research I developed THE SABINO MODEL: Neuroscience Based Addiction and Trauma Treatment™.

We provide help for those who are suffering with compassion and empathy. If you or a loved one is struggling, we invite you to take that often difficult action and call, text, or e-mail to schedule an appointment. 520.477.2737   nancy@integrativetherapyservice.com

Please also ponder this question: What Is Right With You? We ask because we know something is right with you. I hope you can remember this.

I am grateful for your willingness to further explore this site. The way out of our pain is through. There is a way to move ourselves forward for even in our darkest mourning there is joy to be found.

©Nancy Jarrell O’Donnell MA, LPC, CSAT, CCTP